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Ever-Increasing Faith: A Charismatic Classic — Smith Wigglesworth (Paperback)

Ever-Increasing Faith: A Charismatic Classic — Smith Wigglesworth (Paperback)

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Smith Wigglesworth (1859-1947) is a legendary healing evangelist from the United Kingdom. He was called the “Apostle of Faith” because of his unshakable confidence in the Word of God. Over the years, thousands received healing through Wigglesworth’s ministry and reports of his exploits were widely circulated.

Ever-Increasing Faith, a compilation of sermon transcriptions, is one of two books that Wigglesworth penned during his life. The chapters were published in Pentecostal periodicals before they were amassed and distributed in a book form. The editors’ work is unmistakable—rough edges were smoothed, and vocabulary cleaned up. But underneath it all, Wigglesworth’s faith-filled voice remains.

Twenty-first century books aren’t as robust as those from a century ago. Contemporary authors can be sensationalistic and superficial. Many brag about heavenly revelations, but their conjecture will be forgotten in a few years. Wigglesworth is different. His observations resonate decades after his passing.

Christos Publishing re-digs the ancient wells. We want to help people return to a robust biblical faith. Much that’s good in Spirit-filled Christianity can be traced back to this anointed Pentecostal pioneer. It is time for Twenty-first century believers to rediscover what Smith Wigglesworth knew about ever-increasing faith.