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Healing in History Volume Four: Dissenters (1650 - 1850)

Healing in History Volume Four: Dissenters (1650 - 1850)

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The Healing in History Series by J.D. King is a multi-volume collection that explores the works of God through numerous Christian traditions.

In this volume, King examines divine healing in the sectarian and dissident tradition (1650-1850).

What did the Quakers, early English Baptists, and Methodists believe about miracles? Prepare to be shocked by what you discover.

Marvelous healing stories not only help us reconcile the past; they are also a catalyst for the future. Søren Kierkegaard declared, "Life must be understood backward, but ... it must be lived forwards."

While much of the material in this book series was previously released in Regeneration: A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church, this volume includes over 60% new material.