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Shift: Leading in Transition (Special Offer)
Shift: Leading in Transition (Special Offer)
Shift: Leading in Transition (Special Offer)
Shift: Leading in Transition (Special Offer)
Shift: Leading in Transition (Special Offer)

Shift: Leading in Transition (Special Offer)

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Embark on a life-changing journey with "Shift: Leading in Transition. 

We have a powerful toolkit package designed to equip you for the challenges that lie ahead. Don't miss out on our exclusive limited-time offer priced at only $19.99, providing you with an incredible $67 value, including:

  • A personally signed paperback copy of "Shift: Leading in Transition" ($16.99 value).
  • A comprehensive paperback workbook to enhance your learning experience ($14.99 value).
  • Immerse yourself in the audiobook version of "Shift" ($19.99 value).
  • Grab the Shift Card Deck, a valuable tool for navigating transitions ($9.99 value, available while supplies last).
  • Access the digital world with an ebook version of "Shift" ($4.99 value).

In a world grappling with health crises, social unrest, and divisive politics, anxiety is on the rise. It's time to find clarity and focus amidst the chaos. Author J.D. King skillfully draws insights from the Bible, historical events, and everyday stories to guide you through the nuances of crisis leadership.

Now more than ever, society needs leaders with unwavering character and decisive action. Whether you're a minister, entrepreneur, or creative, "Shift: Leading in Transition" empowers you to envision a brighter future and lead others towards it.

This book seamlessly blends historical wisdom, biblical principles, and practical examples to illuminate the essence of effective leadership. Join us on a journey within these pages, positioning yourself to navigate transitions and make a meaningful impact.

"Shift: Leading in Transition" is not just a book; it's your compass through disruptions, a guide to revolutionizing the world. Seize this opportunity to equip yourself with the tools needed to navigate change and emerge stronger than ever. Your journey to leadership excellence begins here.


Praise for Shift:

Shift: Leading In Transition has real world applications for business leaders today.
 —Lucas Ingala, Founder and CEO, Watchmen Security

This book is smart, poignant, and full of interesting and inspiring stories. I loved it! —
Brent Rudoski, Lead Pastor, Faith Alive Family Church

A leadership tune-up—that’s what this book offered me! I was challenged by the principles that J.D. King brought forth in Shift. I discovered insights I need right now to navigate the organizations I lead. Frankly, there are all kinds of books on leadership, but this primer offers fresh wisdom for the biggest need of the hour—solid, godly leaders who can bring sustainable change to the world around them. 
—Brad Herman, Publisher, Harrison House

Knowing how to shift and pivot when necessary is one of the keys for long term success for any business or ministry. J.D. does a fantastic job in this book talking about the process and mindset needed to do just that. 
—Justin Rizzo, Songwriter and Worship Leader, International House of Prayer

One thing that I’ve learned after years of studying leaders and the foundational principles of success, is that . . . shift happens. Another fundamental truth that I’ve come to realize is that leaders must adapt or die. In Shift, J. D. King does an incredible job of illustrating what adaptation looks like, using practical and innovative examples every aspiring leader can put into practice.
—Paul Kopecky, Entrepreneur and Business Coach, Kopecky Business Group

The world is changing fast. Shift: Leading in Transition is exactly what we need. It’s good to know that there are timeless principles based on the Word of God available for leaders today. 
—David Whited, Executive Director, Shop.com and Founder of Flyover Conservatives

What we need is a Shift from our natural way of seeing and thinking to God's divine wisdom. This easily accessible book offers many rich scriptural, contemporary, and historical insights that I believe you will find applicable and relevant.
—Will Riddle, Vice President of Church Programs, Prison Fellowship

J.D. King does a masterful job defining leadership essentials. His practical insights are what we need to cut through the clutter and advance beyond the uncertainties. Whether you’re leading a business, church, or merely guiding your family, Shift provides the tools to navigate the transitions.
—James Koppang, Pastor, Revive Church

Focusing on both the being and doing of leadership, Shift moves past the fluff and gets straight to the point. In a world of social media influencers and fake online mentors, society needs to punch the reset button on what true leadership really means.
—David Park, entrepreneur and leadership consultant, Park Global

Headed into new era, we're on the threshold of a major shift. This book is for leaders who refuse to go back.—
Dick Drumeller, Pastor, Crystalbrook Church